What is aroundtheworld.coop?
aroundtheworld.coop is a project dreamt and developed by Andrea and Sara, a married couple who decided to put together their passions and skills and embark on a thrilling experience of a lifetime: travelling around the world for one year, documenting different sorts of cooperatives on all the continents.
Already much has happened. An amazing group of people has voluntarily started to support Sara and Andrea to turn this project into reality. Connected by the aim of contributing to endogenous community development and to safeguarding the commons worldwide, they together founded the “aroundtheworld.coop” association. The mission of the association is twofold: give voice to the stories of cooperatives and communities that engage in collective action and sustainable human development processes around the world; and promote and spread a culture of solidarity, inclusion and reciprocity supporting these inspiring experiences.

Notably, the project has also been possible thanks to the partnership with the International Co-operative Alliance and its regional offices. We are very honoured of this collaboration and extremely grateful to all cooperators around the world who will be partnering with us.

It is the beginning of a collective action story that will unfold through a year-long journey around the world, involving innovative cooperatives on all continents, engaging with their members and communities, learning from their experiences, and filming and sharing their success stories!
Why cooperatives?

We are at an historical juncture, challenged by social inequalities and exploitative systems that lead to precarious work and living conditions, and pushed by the need to change our lifestyles and the way we produce and consume. Civil society – workers, consumers, producers – can lead the way in finding new and sustainable ways of producing and consuming, leading to better quality of life on this planet.

Cooperatives are spread all around the globe: more than 1.2 billion cooperative members worldwide! With characteristics and challenges that vary from country to country, these organizations have been contributing to meeting people’s needs and aspirations, protecting the environment and building socio-economic cohesion.

Could be the cooperative model a way of democratizing the economy?

We believe that cooperatives and other forms of member-based organizationsplay a crucial role in reassigning sovereignty over the use of resources to communities and building a sustainable economy for the benefit of the all humanity and our planet. Each cooperative is a unique ensemble of people and communities who have voluntarily engaged in collective actions to improve their lives, relying on their own shared visions, creativity, passion and innovative ideas. For this reason, aroundtheworld.coop is committed to meeting people from all continents, listening to their stories and learning from each unique experience.

This is what drives the aroundtheworld.coop project!

Follow the project to find out more about this exciting travel documenting how cooperatives can make the difference in promoting sustainable development worldwide while leaving no one behind. 15 countries, 5 continents, 12 months! A cooperative world is possible!

The team

sara vicari

Sara Vicari is a participatory action-researcher who is passionate about cooperatives and their role in poverty reduction. She has built this knowledge working with cooperative organizations; international institutions and academia, directly carrying out or supervising field research in several countries. Since July 2019 she is post doc research fellow at the Department of Economics of Roma Tre University, Sara loves travelling, cooking, and spending time with people. She is also passionate about writing. Among her publications, there are several scientific articles as well as her first novel (in Italian) published by Doithuman publisher. In aroundtheworld.coop she is responsible for research activities and fundraising.

Andrea Mancori

Andrea Mancori is a filmmaker and video-editor with fifteen years of experience, working with/for TV networks such as Fox International Channel – National Geographic, SKY, RAI, La7. One of his most rewarding professional experiences was the editing of the docufilm “The Summer of Sammy” by National Geographic. Andrea is a movie lover and passionate about travelling. In aroundtheworld.coop he is responsible for video-making activities.

Cécile Berranger

Cécile Berranger is a PhD student at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School focusing on the role of cooperatives in recreating urban places. She is evaluating and analyzing the impact of the Heritage Project in Rochdale (Manchester, UK), the birthplace of the cooperative movement. Cécile has studied Development Economics at Roma Tre University in Rome and she has worked on cooperatives and responsible investments in Uganda. She loves travelling, eating and meeting new people and cultures. She has recently launched a travel blog together with her boyfriend. She managed the planning and logistics activities during Sara and Andrea’s travel. She is now responsible for communication.

Flavio Luciani

Flavio Luciani earned his degree in computer engineering from the University “Roma 3” in 2006. He has been working in the telecommunication and computer networks field for over 15 years. He also manages and gives IT support to the project for the website aroundtheworld.coop. Flavio defines himself as a “network engineer without borders”.

Yuri Manuel D'Amore

After having studied cinema and television at the R. Rossellini school, Yuri Manuel D’Amore has started working as a TV operator in different Italian fictions. Shortly after, he starts his career as TV editor in the most important national and international TV networks. With a decade long collaboration with Discovery, Sky, RAI, Endemol, recently he has approached the world of color grading. He has written and directed several projects in collaboration with SERT as part of the “100 colpi di Cinema contro le dipendenze” festival.

Giorgia Amato

Giorgia Amato is a PhD candidate at the University of Roma Tre with a research project on the effects of women’s empowerment on their children’s food security in Ethiopia. Giorgia has also carried out a field reserach in Ethiopia, where she studied the impact of membership in an agricultural cooperative on household’s food security. She, then monitored the activities for a international cooperation project involving cooperatives as main beneficiaries in two regions of southern Ethiopia. Her greatest passion is travelling and being absorbed by new cultures. For aroundtheworld.coop she is in charge of research and networking activities.

Elisa Chiarotto


Elisa Chiarotto is a sociologist of communication and a psychobiological counselor who works on mindful communication through the tools of empathy, counseling and coaching. In the working group, she promotes assertiveness, empathetic and sustainable leadership, equal opportunities, creative resolution of conflicts, the achievement of common and successful objectives and self-realization. Moreover, she works sharing values ​​and needs for building stronger relationships by consolidating effective, ethical and shared strategies. Her intervention addresses all human relationships and realities, from personal and individual to professional and group ones. Her projects, publications and paths it promotes are visible on her website www.comunicaremindful.it


veronica boggini

Veronica Boggini is a financing for development expert, working in the NGOs field on advocacy and policy activities. A committed feminist, she considers fighting inequalities and systems re-building as an ultimate life goal. Veronica is also chief editor of Casa Suonatori Indipendenti, an online music magazine. She totally shares aroundtheworld.coop values and she has managed communications during Sara and Andrea’s travel.

federico vicari

Federico Vicari is qualified to practice as a lawyer and has more than 12 years of experience as a legal adviser and European projects manager. He is currently living in Luxembourg where he had moved to work for the European Institutions and is now operating in the legal/financial services. An expert in activities’ organization at international level and in the management of diplomatic relations, he fully shares the vision of the project. In aroundtheworld.coop he volunteers with a mission to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We invite you to participate as sponsor of this innovative co-operative experience. This initiative can be an opportune window for making your co-operative story and commitment at territorial level known worldwide. If you would like more information about how to become sponsor of the aroundtheworld.coop project, write to us now at info@aroundtheworld.coop, and we’ll be contacting you shortly. If you would like simply to contribute to our initiative, you can also make a donation to:

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