A cooperative world is possible!

Here we are! Today is the day! Aroundthewold.coop is officially entering a new phase of its life! We start this journey with a powerful claim: a cooperative world is possible!

We are so happy to share our entrepreneurial endeavor with all of you. Browse through the website as you like and discover what we can offer you!

Only two years ago, aroundtheworld.coop was just coming into existence. We had a dream: travelling around the world and telling stories of inclusive, innovative and successful cooperatives!  

Now, if we look back, we can definitely see that we happily managed to make this dream come true, and this was possible thanks to several contributors. First of all, we are grateful to our partners at the International Cooperative Alliance and Coops4Dev, who believed in us since the very first day and worked hand in hand with us to make it a success!

Then we want to acknowledge all the fantastic people we met on our path in the four corners of the world… our work is definitely the result of a co-construction we made with cooperators worldwide! And finally, last but not least… our team! Yes… aroundtheworld.coop is composed of six souls, professionals moved by the same values and committed to making an impact while creating decent work opportunities!

A cooperative world is possible
A cooperative world is possible
A cooperative world is possible

And here we are, all proud and happy to introduce you today to our jewel, the result of our work, passion and commitment, an important step in our own collective action story!

This was the natural step for us. The around the world trip showed us that our videos, as a result of the combination of participatory action research and video-making, was not only a good idea, but a tangible solution that was actually very much needed!

It has been a great satisfaction to learn from the cooperators we worked with, that our videos have been very useful for them. They were impressed to see how we managed to catch their essence! Many of them told us that the ATW videos have been for them a unique opportunity to spread their story to a broader audience. It also allowed them to get to know each other internally better and to look at what they had built so far from another perspective! Connections with policy makers, participations in events, and communities worldwide inspired by watching the stories are other impacts of the project and we could not be prouder.

We are more and more convinced that innovation happens on the ground and that communities are the key drivers! Positive impact stories are there and deserve to be shared with the wider society… So, we just want to continue to walk on this path and build more and more collaborations, ultimately contributing to raising awareness that “A cooperative world is possible!”.

We do believe that being committed to creating a better world is not just a slogan, but a common spirit and philosophy that we share with many people in the world and in a very pragmatic way we can join forces and share good practices and innovative ideas. Now, more than ever with the pandemic, showing that the alternative to the mainstream is not only there, but it works and thrives, is a must

That’s all for now folks… enjoy our new website and we look forward to getting in contact soon to work together to tell and disseminate your fantastic cooperative stories… around the world!


The Aroundtheworld.coop Team

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