Cooperatives and aboriginal identity: insights from Australia

In this blog post we will speak about cooperatives and aboriginal identity through the analysis of the Boomalli cooperative in Australia. Firstly, we would like to start this blog post by apologizing for being silent for so long. At a certain moment of our around the world trip, basically almost one year ago, the tiredness […]

School cooperatives: insights from Malaysia!

In this blog post we analyze student cooperatives with a specific case study: the MRSM Kepala Batas Kooperasi. After four case studies in rural areas, discovering how cooperatives contribute to sustainable development, exploring co-operatives in urban spaces has been exciting.  So we are happy to bring you with us to Malaysia, a fantastic country with an […]

Collective action and human development: insights from Bhabishya Nirman Sana Kishan

Namaste! In this blog post we will discuss about collective action and human development, appleid to the Bhabishya Nirman Sana Kishan coop. After Rwanda, we moved to Nepal. It was one of the biggest changes made during our trip. Not only did we change continent, but we encountered a big shift in terms of […]

Cooperatives as implementers of Responsible Investments in Agriculture

Here we go with our third post of the project to share what we learnt during our stay in Rwanda, in particular with the rice-growing farmers, the members of the Coproriz-Ntende. In this country, we learnt about cooperatives as implementers of responsible investments in agriculture. Rwanda, also known as the county of a thousand […]

Cooperatives and women’s empowerment: the story of Toudarté

In this blog post, we are going to discuss about cooperatives and women’s empowerment.  A few months ago, Andrea and I bought by chance a bottle of Argan oil shampoo. We were just looking for a shampoo, and it was that bottle that caught our attention. Our feeling for some reason was that we were […]

Collective action as a catalyst for cultural changes

In this first blog post we will discuss about collective action as a catalyst for cultural changes. Casa di Alice has been the first step of our trip, a one-year journey throughout which we collected stories of collective action all around the world. We have been mainly driven by the will to remind ourselves and […]