Brief description

The Compact City is the second episode of the video documentary of the Seven Rome, based on the “Seven Cities of Rome” a book written by Keti Lelo, Salvatore Monni and Federico Tomassi of the MappaRoma Association.

But what is the Compact City? Mapparoma defined this city as the one “that include one third of the citizens of Rome on a area of ​​only 10 265 hectares.

This city is close to the historical city, composed mainly by middle-class neighborhood and built on the XXth century”.T

o document the Compact city we have chosen the Pietralata neighborhood, in the North-East of Rome.

Main topics

Case study

The Compact City

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Project coordinators

Andrea Mancori

Responsible for videmaking activities and communication

Sara Vicari

Responsible for research activities and
partnership development


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