Videomaking & Research

Our innovative research model to improve your visibility through videos.

Capacity Development

Tailored trainings for the academia, donors and cooperators.

IT & Communication

Tools for your digital strategy. Innovate cooperatively!
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Videomaking & Research

Our videos are the result of a participatory methodology, developed during our journey, that combines action research to video storytelling.

But what do we do in practice? We tell stories of collective action! Prior starting shooting activities, we carry out qualitative and participatory research that allows main characters of our stories to define how to realize the video.

Secondly, we start shooting the interviews and then we edit the video following the structure given by key protagonists.

An important aspect of our work is that, by combining research and videomaking, we work without scripts. This allows us to bring innovative research and video products to the public.

You can find more about our methodology by watching this video!

"I was the first woman of the coop to be elected president. I was committed to making sure that in the following elections other women may feel that they could play a role in the decision making positions."

Sebastiana Gomes Siqueira - COPPALJ

Capacity Development supports everyone who wants to gain more knowledge about cooperative development and innovative ways to put coop principles in practice.

Our offer is based on our experience in the academy and fieldwork research. We adopt participatory learning methods and our videos are key learning tools around which we develop our training. We organize tailored workshops, seminars and lectures both online and in presence.

We are also about to launch our online Moodle on cooperative principles! This training course is vital not only for cooperators but for all cooperative passionates, students and practitioners.

IT & Communication

We provide several ITC services:

  • Website creation: with more than 10 years of experience, we will co-create or redesign together the website following your needs;
  • SEO: we work on indexing your website aiming to increase the site traffic by optimizing your position on search engine results;
  • E-commerce: we can help you create your new digital platform;
  • External communication: Social media management with an optimized editorial plan;
  • Cooperative life: our qualitative methodology to strenghten your internal communication and members’ active participation in organizational life.

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